A Walk To Remember

  • "View of Upper Level"
  • "View of Lower Levels from Small Rock Patio"
  • "View of Northeast Lower Levels"
  • "View of Bridal Walkway Behind Pampas Grass"
  • "View of Mountain Beyond the Beginning of Walkway"
  • "View of Levels From in Front of Pampas Grass"
  • "Closeup View of Levels & House"


             Place curser over photo to pause slideshow and gaze as long as you would like at the picturesque beauty of The Parks Place.

Photo Tour

The slideshow on our Home page gives you a quick view on finding our location and what you see once entering from the Bell Plains Rd entrance. This driveway has given you views of the south side of The Parks Place featuring our Saloon, Waterfalls and Windmill, Tank and Bridge, House and Fire Pit.

The above slideshow gives you a preview of other areas you will be exploring through our photo tour.

The tour starts with the driveway as it continues past the front of the house and leads to the Buffalo Gap Rd entrance.  It gives you a "peek" at the party area and pavilion on the north side upper level of The Parks Place.

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